“Wonderful, caring, helpful, exuberant, patient and dedicated”

I am 65 years old. I had a real estate license many years ago I also had a home inspection business after that. I have known many in both businesses. Recently, I hired a realtor to sell my house. His interest was not in serving me. All he wanted was to close a sale for his commission at whatever cost to me. If I had felt he was doing a good job for me I would have used him to help me purchase a new home. Instead, I went with the recommendation of my niece who had used Krissy to help her purchase her first house. Krissy was wonderful, caring, helpful, exuberant, patient and dedicated to making sure I was making a good decision on a new home that I would enjoy. I looked at so many homes I thought I would wear out her enthusiasm and cheerfulness with each additional request but she remained genuinely pleased to serve and excited for me when I settled on a place to buy. I would highly and gladly recommend her to anyone looking for assistance in making a home purchase.