Proved my skepticism very wrong

I never used a buyer’s real estate agent prior to using Ms. Levey-Pruyn for a recent home purchase. I was always a bit skeptical of the concept of a buyer’s agent, as there is no direct financial incentive to the agent to minimize the sale price. Ms. Levey-Pruyn proved my skepticism very wrong. I believe she did everything possible to genuinely help me negotiate the lowest price. As importantly, she was consistently available by phone, text, and email throughout the buying process. In fact, if not for her knowledge of the local area, we would not have had the opportunity to purchase our home in the first place, as it was not listed at the time she informed us of it’s possible availability. She was always professional and polite, always easy to communicate with, and by far the most positive aspect of our entire buying process. She provided extraordinary support during a sometimes difficult road to the closing. I cannot say enough about her skills and performance. I give her the highest recommendation without reservation.