I felt secure with her at my side

Liz’s assistance in my purchase was phenomenal. It was very reassuring to work with her and her staff. I consistently found Liz to be professional, helpful, thorough, timely-responsive and exceptionally knowledgeable. Liz has an attitude that allowed me to feel that she was concerned, interested and willing to give me her best service, advice and assistance. She made suggestions when needed, and she gave assurances to me when I may have felt a little overwhelmed. Very early on I came to trust Liz, and from the day I made an Offer for my property until the day of my Closing, I felt secure with her at my side. My experience working with Liz was really fantastic and I continue to be grateful to her and I hope that she remains in my life. I am relocating from Connecticut to New Hampshire and with Liz’s expertise, this transition was both successful and exciting. I would proudly recommend Liz to others!